Tax Planning


As most people are aware, the United States Internal Revenue Code contains several volumes and is quite detailed.  Navigating the code to minimize a taxpayer's legal tax liability can be quite a daunting task.  

Many taxpayers believe that having a professional accountant prepare their income tax returns will reduce their tax expense on last year's income.  However, last year ended a couple of months earlier and the best the accountant can do is apply the best aspects of the tax law to what  has already happened.  

However, working with the tax accountant at or near the beginning of the year to devise and implement effective tax strategies, including the selection of the most tax efficient legal entity for a business, for the current year can have a much greater effect in reducing tax expense.  

Hills  Tax and Accounting, PC is offering Tax Planning as a service to plan ahead to reduce tax expense.  

Please call 908-203-4744 to schedule a meeting with Henry Brasch, CPA to review your financial situation and devise a tax plan that will reduce this year's tax expense.